TitleFriends are important in challenging times


The Covid-19 pandemic has abruptly brought many changes for all of us, and one of them certainly is using technology instead of direct contact, wherever it's possible. Knowing that particularly  schools are facing with challenge in their work, the company "Elas metalexpert" decided to donate five laptops and therefore contribute to better teaching conditions at the Elementary School "Milan Rakić" in Karanovac.
On that occasion school representatives visited our company. During the tour, they had the opportunity to see how certain processes are funcioning, and to experience company's atmosphere. "We have words of praise only. Elas has the most modern working conditions. We saw that dedication, order and discipline are in every corner of the company ", said Danijela Mirković, school principal.
Describing the new situation which required a different way of working and additional efforts, both for the teaching staff and for the children with their parents, she concluded: “We realized that this is a new age of technology. Learning and improving through all life is important for every single person. Technological progress is constant and we need to keep up with the times. "