TitleFemale welder - why not?


One of the key values ​​of the company "ELAS metalexpert" is investing in employee development. Despite the coronavirus impact, the internal two-month training of employees for work in production was successfully completed.
The specificity of this training is that it was attended exclusively by women.
"Our experience tells that women do great in roles that are considered typically masculine. Although metal is processed in our production, the abilities and skills that are necessary to perform work tasks are concentration, precision, focus on details, not physical strength as people usually think.
Together, we break down prejudices and social stereotypes, "explains Maja Stojić, human resources officer.
Nine out of ten women successfully completed the training for work on the press machine, robotic, manual and spot welding in the duration of 130 hours, and none of them had worked on the same or similar jobs before.
The training consisted of a theoretical and a practical part in equal proportions. In the theoretical part, participants listened to lectures in general mathematics, physics, chemistry, material properties, units of measurement, heat treatment of steel, electrical engineering, surface protection, measurement and control, standards, tolerances, machine elements, mechanical technology and technical drawing, and material processing by deformation and welding. In the practical part, the participants, along with the mentors, had the opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquired during the theoretical classes.
At the end of the training, all ten participants were tested and nine of them met the established criteria. They are assigned to jobs in accordance with the grades of the mentor, personal preferences and wishes.