TitleElas' runners took a great second place


Two 5K teams from ELAS metalexpert joined the “Vivia Virtual Run & More Weekend” virtual challenge, and with a lot of fun and great results, ran the planned five kilometers. Considering the virtual character of the race, which the organizers subsequently decided on due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation caused by the corona virus, the track was chosen in the business zone "Ramići", near the  Elas' newly built business facility. The results were recorded via the mobile application "Strava". Team 1: Srdjan Trivunovic, Boris Petrovic, Andjelko Milakovic, Vedran Radulovic, Zoran Grabez and team 2: Dejan Letic, Bogdan Dragicevic, Perica Milunic and Damjan Vranjes ran for Elas. Andjelko Milakovic achieved the best time by running the track in 21 minutes and 47 seconds, which, according to preliminary results, is the second best time in the overall ranking of all participants in the 5K race. The other members of the ELAS metalexpert 1 team were not far behind Anđelko either, and as a team they also took second place with an average time of 23.42. While we are waiting for the official results, we are transmitting a part of the positive atmosphere to you via video: